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18 Years


Trying Dalhousie on for size

Trying Dalhousie on for size

I’m someone who wears the adjective medium with pride. It describes my emotional state (or my level of interest) pretty much most of the time.  No high highs or low lows here.

That said, I know when my firstborn heads off to university 19 hours away, I’m going to be a hot mess.

It’s hard to believe that 18 years has come and gone!  The precious time during which I enjoyed my eldest daughter as a child has ended.  She’s an adult now, and I’m reminded of this fact as I overstep the new, natural boundaries that have formed recently.

I’m excited for her to begin this new chapter in her life, but I’m going to miss her like crazy.


Author: natalie

Although full of opinions, I often find myself nodding and smiling. Don't you? Doesn't mean I agree. I'm just being polite.

2 thoughts on “18 Years

  1. Isn’t it unbelievable? Our babies are adults. My 18-year-old is heading away too and while I’m beyond thrilled for him, my heart aches at the thought.

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