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My Tall Girl

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My tall girl in nursery school and again in grade 3

My tall girl in nursery school and again in grade 3

My younger daughter likes to try different things, and so she’s enrolled in a number of different camps and activities throughout the summer.

The one I’m most excited for her to do is volleyball. My younger daughter is very tall and is self-conscious about it. Like me at her age, she wishes she were of “average” height. Something she will very likely never be.

23.5″ at birth, she is now 5’2″ in grade 4 and wears ladies’ sizes in both clothes and shoes. She got her height from females on both sides of the family – my sister, cousins and I are all tall (averaging 5’9″) and my husband’s sister is 6′ tall.

I know my lovely girl will continue to tower over her peers, and my only hope for her with respect to it is that she will soon feel proud and confident about her height and its beauty. Crossing my fingers that introducing sports that celebrate height (volleyball, basketball) will help accelerate her journey towards positive body image.


Author: natalie

Although full of opinions, I often find myself nodding and smiling. Don't you? Doesn't mean I agree. I'm just being polite.

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