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Short Shorts

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Short shorts circa 1983 (me) & 2014 (my 10yo who thinks these shorts are “way too long”)

A recurring argument in my house revolves around clothing. With two girls who love to express themselves through clothing (and then leave the discarded outfits on the floor for Mama to pick up), it’s a topic that comes up a lot.

My eldest grew up loving the Spice Girls and their crop tops, and there were always stores ready to satisfy that “want”. But this mama said no way. Next came sweats with text on the bum. I put my foot down there, too. “I can’t, with good conscience, send you off to school at 13 years old knowing that men, on their commutes to work, will be reading your bum.”

Fast-forward to 2014. My younger daughter already looks older than she is (10), and she sees her older sister’s and friends’ style and wants to mimic. But they are 18. It’s challenging for me to give a good reason why I don’t want her wearing shorts with a 1.5″ inseam without sounding judgy, and when that’s all that seems to available for teens these days are short shorts. My 10 year-old has long outgrown kids’ sizes. So for now, I say no, and my reason is “because I’m your mom and I said so.” I wonder how long that will satisfy. (Look how short my high-waisted velour babies were in the eighties! Adding insult to injury, my 10yo asked why I was wearing a “diaper”.)


Author: natalie

Although full of opinions, I often find myself nodding and smiling. Don't you? Doesn't mean I agree. I'm just being polite.

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