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I Sold My Home Myself with ComFree

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All the money I saved!

We were certain that when we were ready to sell our house, we did not want to hire a real estate agent. Our home is in a high-demand area, and given I work from home and have a background in sales, I was confident we could do most of the work ourselves. Our home didn’t require extensive, or niche marketing, and we weren’t in any rush, so we opted against bringing in a realtor, and instead researched companies who could help us get started on our own.

ComFree was the company that best-suited our needs and style. They offered a flat-rate service which included an MLS listing, professional real-estate-grade photos of our home, and for an added fee, the unlimited paperwork and follow-up support of a dedicated, licensed real estate agent who would be available to us until the deal was done.

I can’t recommend this service enough – everyone we dealt with was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. And although visiting realtors sneered at our list price, the commission we were offering co-operating agents, and our ComFree sign, our home sold for OVER asking, in five days! Best part? I paid myself the $43,000 I would have had to pay to realtors! ComFree charged me $1,600 for both services, my experience with them is far superior to my experience working with traditional realtors in the past.

This post is not sponsored in any way. I am just happy to share about forward-thinking, fabulous brands I’ve used and loved.

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