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Moving – Feeling All the Feels

katie grad

Okay so I suspect moving is kind of like childbirth, in that, once you’re past the hellish bits, you forget how awful the bulk of the experience was, and consider doing it again one day.

When I was young, we moved around a lot for my dad’s work. Moving houses (and provinces) halfway through grade seven, and in the summer after grade nine, and again after grade eleven was HARD.

Teenagers aren’t very nice to newcomers, especially those wearing completely different styles, and speaking with a different accent (anglo-Montrealers speak with an accent, you guys). Most kids have had their core group of friends for years, and they don’t need another friend. They don’t make it easy on the new kid, in fact, some go out of their way to make it hard for the new kid. Not because they’re mean, but because it’s a source of amusement. Maybe they’re bored. I don’t know. Anyway, I didn’t like it, and it forced me to develop a thick skin.

I decided when I was very young that when I had kids, I’d do what I could to ensure they grew up with a set of friends they could keep forever, if they wanted.

When we decided we were moving, we talked about it as a family. Alex was fine, since she’s an honorary Haligonian these days, and surprisingly, Katherine was quite happy about it. Having attended the same school from junior-kindergarten until grade five “graduation”, she seemed ready for a change, and looked forward to the prospect of making new friends.

This mom is relieved. At the same age, I’d have been kicking and screaming!

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I Sold My Home Myself with ComFree

All the money I saved!

We were certain that when we were ready to sell our house, we did not want to hire a real estate agent. Our home is in a high-demand area, and given I work from home and have a background in sales, I was confident we could do most of the work ourselves. Our home didn’t require extensive, or niche marketing, and we weren’t in any rush, so we opted against bringing in a realtor, and instead researched companies who could help us get started on our own.

ComFree was the company that best-suited our needs and style. They offered a flat-rate service which included an MLS listing, professional real-estate-grade photos of our home, and for an added fee, the unlimited paperwork and follow-up support of a dedicated, licensed real estate agent who would be available to us until the deal was done.

I can’t recommend this service enough – everyone we dealt with was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. And although visiting realtors sneered at our list price, the commission we were offering co-operating agents, and our ComFree sign, our home sold for OVER asking, in five days! Best part? I paid myself the $43,000 I would have had to pay to realtors! ComFree charged me $1,600 for both services, my experience with them is far superior to my experience working with traditional realtors in the past.

This post is not sponsored in any way. I am just happy to share about forward-thinking, fabulous brands I’ve used and loved.